Officer’s Message

Dear Hellenic Bar Association Members (Past and Present),

We extend you greetings, and welcome you to the revived and bright new future of the Hellenic Bar Association of New England (HBA). As you may be aware, the HBA was dormant for several years prior to 2018; however, with the guidance and assistance of Archie Typadis, Nick Kourtis, Peter Senopoulos, and several other past and current directors of the association, we have made great strides to revitalize the HBA, and to elect a slate of officers/directors that are motivated and committed to (re)establishing the HBA as a premier bar association in Massachusetts.

Recognition of a Job Well Done

With Sofia Lingos as the lead contributor and head of the Outreach Committee, we are excited to introduce the new website for the HBA. Please be sure to visit the remodeled and rejuvenated website at, which includes a member directory that will be kept up-to-date by each of you (our members) to ensure current/accurate information. Once confirmed as a member, you will be able to update your contact information and practice area(s). Furthermore, members will be able to utilize the directory as a resource for referrals and inquiries from members that specialize in various areas of the law. In addition, the website will feature: articles and memoranda drafted by our members; upcoming events, as well as pictures and comments regarding past events; future lectures and seminars of interest and/or conducted by our members; and the ability to pay your annual dues online.

Successful Revival

The Revival Committee (consisting of Lena Pashou, Christina Pashou, Paul Kolovos, Peter Foundas, and Ted Papadopoulos) organized and planned a very successful Revival Event on March 20, 2018 at the Dolphin Seafood in Natick, which also honored the HBA’s First (1st) President, Nick Foundas – and presented him with an award in recognition of his ongoing commitment to the HBA since its founding twenty (20) years ago in 1998. Make sure to check out the new website in the coming weeks to see pictures of the March 20th event!

On June 14, 2018, the HBA held its Annual Meeting at the Law offices of Dakoyiannis & Sherring in Westwood, MA, where the slate of officers that were put forth by the Nominating Committee (headed by the outgoing President, Euripides Dalmanieras) were duly elected and began their two (2) year term that will carry into the summer of 2020 and beyond. As President, I (Ted Papadopoulos) hope to work closely with the rest of the executive officers and directors, in a concerted effort by all members (not just directors and officers) to promote our Hellenic “στοιχείο”.

Looking Forward

As we move into the future following this year’s elections, let our common values and aspirations for the HBA be our guideposts. As Hellenes, we represent some of the greatest thinkers and dreamers the world has ever known. Unfortunately, we are also at times stereotyped as leaders that offer solutions, but lack the ability to execute as a cohesive unit. Accordingly, we (the executive officers and directors) call upon each of you to offer what you can by way of seminars, lectures, experience, time, resources, and (perhaps most importantly) your suggestions and visions for the HBA so that we can ensure its sustainability and success into the future. When (not “if”) we succeed, we can look back and be proud at the legacy we each contributed to, and find honor in the number of law students, attorneys, and clients that we will assist along the way (our φιλότιμο).

Please visit the new website as soon as possible to update your information, and often thereafter to stay up-to-date with future events!

Με ελπίδα, δύναμη, και συνεργασία για το μέλλον,

Your Executive Officers, & Directors